Silver Belle Returns!

With abundant thanks to Elise Miller, Lunesdale Silver Belle has returned to Willowtrail Farm.  My nickname for Silver Belle is Ellie, in honor of Elise’s mother.  I leased Ellie back in 2008 and enjoyed her calm, friendly temperament in my herd.  Unfortunately my husband had a bad accident and I had to cut my herd back, so Ellie went back to Elise.  Now I’ve purchased Ellie to breed to my homebred stud colt, and I’m very excited about our future together. 

Carole Morland of the Lunesdale Stud in Cumbria reminded me the other day of Ellie’s breeding.  Heather Belle, Ellie’s dam, is a full sister to the Morland’s beloved mare and Supreme Champion Lunesdale Evening Star.  Ellie was born in Cumbria and reared on the fells before being exported.  Ellie’s father, Lunesdale Mercury, now resides in this country also.  Carole remembers ‘Silver Belle’ as a foal that fooled her.  Ellie is black, but Carole thought she was going to turn grey like her sire, hence the ‘Silver’ part of her name.

Lunesdale Silver Belle January 2008

Ellie looks tremendous after two years in Elise’s care.  The picture here is one of my favorites from her last time here, in January 2008, taken by my friend Mike Snigg.

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