Colorado Apologies to Our English Friends

We here in Colorado would like to offer an apology to our friends in England.  Tomorrow our abysmal American football team the Denver Broncos plays a game in London.  They are not representative of the state of Colorado!  We will probably be cheering against them, as we would like to see the opposing team’s coach succeed in his job.  We enjoyed watching Mike Singleterry as a player and want to see him win some games for the San Francisco 49ers.

Torrin and me skidding in the ghost town of Teller City

Around here this time of year, people might think I’m a Broncos fan because I wear their colors.  My favorite color is blue, so many of my clothes are that color.  And it is hunting season here, so I often wear orange, either as a stocking cap or vest, when I ride in the woods.  My husband is especially adamant that I wear orange when I ride my Fjord gelding because he is most like an elk in color.  Last year when I was skidding with Torrin in the ghost town of Teller City, I was similarly adorned. 

I suppose we should apologize to our American friends as well, as the Broncos aren’t much of a credit to American football this year either.  I think I’ll go put on some orange and blue and ride Torrin!


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