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Zero Degrees

Bless these tough ponies.  We didn’t see anything but single digits today (Fahrenheit), and they’re handling it better than I am.  When I went out just now for final feeding, stallion Apollo greeted me at the fence as usual, wanting … Continue reading

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Thankful for Fell Ponies 2010

My first pony came to me at Thanksgiving When I’d just celebrated thirty eight years. I never imagined at fifty Thirteen ponies would be my peers. How I got to lucky thirteen Is a question I often ponder. I owe … Continue reading

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A Pony’s Yell

Today was one of those days when the ponies were inclined to yell at me.  Not all of them: each herd has its designated communicator.  Unfortunately there was a limited amount I could do to address the concerns they expressed … Continue reading

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Traveling by Moonlight

The first full moon after snow covers the ground is like a magnet.  I can’t wait to get out and take a pony ride.  There’s something magical about crunching down the road with the silvery light of the moon illuminating … Continue reading

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Breaking Trail

We had a foot of snow one day earlier this week, and today Torrin and I went out to break trail around the woods loop.  This twenty minute ride is a huge therapeutic one for me as it is relatively … Continue reading

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Last night I was feeling low when I went out for last feeding.  After I threw hay for the six ponies in the turnout, I leaned against the fence and let out a heavy sigh, looking at the moon and … Continue reading

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Approach and Retreat

Last night as I was heading out for last feeding, I had two things to dispose of outside.  The first was a handful of carrot ends, whose destination was a pony’s mouth.  The second was an empty plastic box of … Continue reading

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