Moving Manure with Mya

Mya and I have been moving Fell Pony manure for over ten years now.  She just makes it

Hauling Fell Pony manure with Mya

so easy that I can’t get motivated to put anybody else on the job.  She is always ready to go, whether it’s been a few hours or a few months since we last worked in harness.  She’s always perfect, letting me use poor teamster habits like dropping the lines while I unload her cart.  She stands without being tied or even without a halter at all while I harness and unharness.

In the lexicon of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, she is a Left-Brain Introvert (LBI), the perfect Horsenality™ for draft work.  She has more whoa than go and tends to think rather than get emotional.  Mya is probably a Welsh-Shetland cross, and somehow she retained the work ethic of her long-ago forbears.  Though the smallest pony here at 11.2hh, she is definitely the hardest worker of any of them.

Jerry Williams, 3 star Parelli Professional, said in a recent teleconference for his Jingle™ that Left Brain horses are the most challenging.  I can see that for people who want to ‘go’, an LBI like Mya would be frustrating.  She’s perfect for me because my goal for my life with my ponies is usually to slow the pace down.  Most of my Fells, though, (and my Norwegian Fjord gelding) are Left-Brain Extroverts, still thinkers but more motivated to move.  They are indeed challenging to me because while they are compliant, they also need lots of mental stimulation which requires good leadership which for me requires lots of energy and planning which my whole life seems to need at the moment.  Definitely a lesson for me here somewhere!

I’m thrilled, though, that I’ve bred a couple of Fells that may take over from Mya when she retires (hopefully a long time from now.)  Willowtrail Wild Rose is maturing into a Left Brain pony that is on the border between Extrovert and Introvert, and she is definitely hardy.  Willowtrail Black Robin, though a stallion, seems to be on the Introvert side.  I look forward to working with these two more as they get old enough. 

In the meantime, I will keep going to Mya when something needs to get done and I don’t have the energy to deal with the energy of the Extroverts around here.  What a blessing this little pony has been to teach me what is possible with pony power.


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