Zero Degrees

Bless these tough ponies.  We didn’t see anything but single digits today (Fahrenheit), and they’re handling it better than I am.  When I went out just now for final feeding, stallion Apollo greeted me at the fence as usual, wanting to play games.  Twenty three year old Beauty also greeted me at the fence for her own ritual, asking for as many treats as populated my pocket (she didn’t get them all).  No one yelled at me, so apparently I prepared them well for the night.

After my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could see stars barely visible overhead.  Down here at ground level, though, cloud dust was falling, adding to the four inches of snow that fell during the day.  In my eight years here I haven’t ever seen this much snow this early.  I know I’ve lost a shovel and pitchfork until spring because I forgot to pick them up (or at least lean them on something) before the first lasting snow arrived.

Beauty at the Royal taking second for then-owner Sue Helps

Earlier today I happened across Beauty’s show record before she was exported.  What a far cry her life today is here in the Colorado Rockies from the Royal Show and the Southern Breed Show.  One thing is consistent, though:  she comports herself with style wherever she is.  On nights like tonight when she has a dusting of snow covering her top side, her proud bearing seems accentuated.  What a lady.  I still can learn from her.


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