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Chore Time

I usually enjoy my pony chores.  It’s a time to check in with each of my friends and observe herd interactions.   I also believe that every time I’m with my ponies I have an opportunity for training.  Chores especially provide … Continue reading

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The only way I can describe the behavior I’ve observed in my Fell Pony Lily recently is ‘sharing.’  Lily is in a paddock with my two easiest-keeping ponies.  She’s at the bottom of the pecking order, so if I am … Continue reading

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My Lucky Thirteen

My sister suggested last week that I write a book for her daughter for Christmas.  Naturally I wrote about my ponies, all lucky thirteen of them.  Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to finish writing the book, so last … Continue reading

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The Blue Tarp

Fell Pony mare Bowthorne Matty and I assessed at Level 1 On-line of Parelli Natural Horsemanship last week, so this week we started on the Level 2 tasks.  Crossing a tarp in-hand is one of those tasks, and I was … Continue reading

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Know Your Passion; Engage it Daily

I was asked recently to share something I’ve learned from the farming life that I commenced after retiring from my first career.  Here is an expanded version of what I submitted for publication: Know what you’re passionate about and engage … Continue reading

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Arnica 200c and My Ponies

This week I’ve had cause to be thankful twice for the homeopathic remedy Arnica 200c.  Two of my Fell Ponies have suffered from pain, and this remedy has relieved not only them but me. I took a year-long course in … Continue reading

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Ponies – “The original ATVs”

Christine Robinson, Vice-Chair of the Fell Pony Society, called ponies “the original ATVs” in an article in the FPS newsletter this fall.  I love this!  It’s exactly why I have ponies. Yesterday I had to make a run to town … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

When I saw the sliver of moon tonight low in the southwest while I was feeding, I smiled. Just as it is beginning its cycle anew, I have made a start on a few things as well – pony-related of … Continue reading

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A Connection to Waverhead Rambler

Three Fell Pony-related phone calls came in yesterday.  They were all in response to the most recent issue of Rural Heritage magazine, which includes an article I wrote called “Draft Breeds in a Non-Draft World.”  The article discusses how the … Continue reading

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Opposite Experiences

Laddie and Robin had opposite experiences a couple of days ago.  I took them both on a two-hour road trip, and their experiences there were similar:  snow blowing into the trailer.  However, at the end of the trip, Willowtrail Winter … Continue reading

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