New Beginnings

Matty enjoying the beginning of a day

When I saw the sliver of moon tonight low in the southwest while I was feeding, I smiled. Just as it is beginning its cycle anew, I have made a start on a few things as well – pony-related of course!  I also smiled because we got six inches of snow last night; the change of the moon’s phase brought weather -again!

Yesterday was the start of the week, and I began working with Bowthorne Matty on her Parelli groundwork.  I was thrilled that we got through nearly all the Level 1 ground work in the first session.  Apparently I inadvertently teach the principles in the course of my daily handling.

My ulterior motive in starting work with Matty is related to the other thing I started:  weaning Willowtrail Liberty.  My hope is that my work with Matty will distract her a little from the physical and psychological stress of a full udder and a calling young one.

My first step in the weaning process was to remove Matty from the herd, leaving Libby with all her friends.  I was pleased and a little surprised that the pony most concerned with Matty’s departure wasn’t her daughter but her best friend Willowtrail Wild Rose.  As Libby has become more independent from her mother, Rose has enjoyed renewing her friendship with Matty.  I’ve been pleased that Rose and Libby can often be found hanging out together as well, and I trust that they will be good company for each other with Matty absent.

Since Libby is Matty’s first foal, I don’t really know what to expect in this weaning process.  Matty is so easy-going, though, that I suspect she’ll go with the flow.  In the mean time, I’ll enjoy the time that we get to spend together, and I look forward to charting our progress as the moon travels its own cycle.


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