My Lucky Thirteen

Some of my lucky thirteen

My sister suggested last week that I write a book for her daughter for Christmas.  Naturally I wrote about my ponies, all lucky thirteen of them.  Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to finish writing the book, so last night I was up very late.  A bonus was that I got to see the lunar eclipse!

When I was in elementary school, I learned to bind books myself.  The skill has come in handy over the years, as each of my nephews has received a hand-made book, each book about my animals.  The binding process takes the better part of two days, so waiting until the last minute to create a book isn’t a good choice.  Fortunately I’ve done this now enough times that everything went well.

Last week my sister and niece pulled out the book I made several years ago for Anna, Monte’s First Few Days.  (It’s also a chapter in A Humbling Experience, my first book on Fell Ponies.)  Anna was captivated by the book again, which prompted the request for this year’s gift.  Anna has started reading on her own, so I of course gear my writing accordingly.  My Lucky Thirteen has one page dedicated to each pony with a couple of paragraphs and a photograph.  In most of the ‘chapters,’ I include a question that Anna can puzzle over, whether about how a particular pony is related to another in my herd or what gait the pony is moving at in the photo.

Anna hasn’t met my ponies in person yet, so the last page of the book includes the following:  “I am very lucky to share my life with thirteen ponies.  Someday some of these ponies will bring good luck to other people.  I hope you can meet my thirteen friends someday.  You will be lucky when you do!”


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