Lily Sharing

The only way I can describe the behavior I’ve observed in my Fell Pony Lily recently is ‘sharing.’  Lily is in a paddock with my two easiest-keeping ponies.  She’s at the bottom of the pecking order, so if I am not careful, she doesn’t get enough to eat and the other two turn into blimps.  My solution has been to tie the other two to the fence each morning and feed Lily extra, returning a few hours later to untie my thrifty ones.

Mya is the pony tied closest to where I feed Lily.  I always take care to throw Lily’s hay well away from Mya so that Lily gets the ration I want her to have.  Yet more times than not recently I’ve returned to the paddock an hour or more through the day, and Mya is still eating.  Mya’s ration should have been long since exhausted, so I know something has happened to give Mya more to eat.  The explanation is that Lily has flipped her pile of hay in Mya’s direction, giving Mya an opportunity no good pony could refuse.  Lily could toss her hay pile in other directions, but she doesn’t, at least not six days out of seven. 

I guess Lily feels the way that most humans do:  a good meal should be shared.  May you have plenty of good meals to share this holiday season.


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