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Integrating Ellie

It’s hard to believe that my Fell Pony mare Lunesdale Silver Belle has been here three months already.  I’ve grown so used to her greeting me at the fence at each feeding that it’s hard to remember when she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Wassailing the Ponies 2011

We finally got around to wassailing the ponies today.  This is normally a New Year’s Day tradition.  We feed the ponies apples, thank them for their company during the past year, and wish them good health for the coming year.  … Continue reading

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Chasing Rust

I’ve just finished a quarterly round of a copper supplement for all the ponies.  The supplement provides bio-available copper to help with hair health as well as immune system support. One goal with this round is to chase the rust out … Continue reading

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Apollo’s Moon

When I went out for last feeding a few minutes ago, my Fell Pony stallion Guards Apollo didn’t meet me at the fence like he normally does.  Restar Mountain Shelley III was there, so we took advantage of our solitude … Continue reading

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Stocking Cap Games

On this very snowy afternoon, the only outdoor activity involving ponies that I could get half-way excited about was trimming hooves. I could do this under cover without snow sliding down my neck, and it needed to be done anyway. … Continue reading

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Breed Type and the Work at Hand

In its Nov/Dec 2010 issue, Rural Heritage magazine published “Draft Breeds in a Non-Draft World.”  In the article I discussed how breed type of various draft breeds including the Haflinger and the Fell is being impacted by a change in … Continue reading

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Norwegian Harness

Recent discussions about the Norwegian sport skijoring brought to mind my Norwegian Harness.  I decided to try Norwegian harness because of the Norwegians’ long history of working ponies.  I figured they had a better chance than most at getting some … Continue reading

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