Stocking Cap Games

Ellie and me in my stocking cap

Ellie and me in my stocking cap

On this very snowy afternoon, the only outdoor activity involving ponies that I could get half-way excited about was trimming hooves. I could do this under cover without snow sliding down my neck, and it needed to be done anyway. Today was Lily’s turn, and her good Sleddale hooves required enough effort that I had no trouble staying warm. At one point I even threw off my stocking cap because of the long slow circuit her feet required with the nippers.

Throwing off my cap reminded me of my trimming experience two days ago. How many games can a pony devise with a stocking cap on the head of their favorite human? Lily and Torrin came up with quite a number while I was trimming Mya.

I was being lazy when I went to trim Mya, so I tied her but didn’t tie her friends. Lily and Torrin took full advantage of their freedom to ‘help’ me with my chore, mostly by playing games with my stocking cap. Sometimes they nudged my cap so it fell over my eyes. Sometimes they lipped it just enough so I could feel it move. Or they would lip it, then when that didn’t get a reaction, they would lift it a little more, and then a little more. Only once did I let the game progress to removal of my cap.

Torrin, whose head is huge and heavy, came up with an ingenious game. He rested his muzzle lightly on my cap. Then he gradually relaxed, letting the weight of his head slowly increase on mine. This game didn’t last long because his head is way too much for my scrawny neck to support.

When I was trimming Mya’s fronts, just one of her friends could get to my hat. But the hinds, ah, that was a different matter – there was room for both of them to work on my hat from different directions.

I will admit that my hat usually has bits of hay on it, as feeding for me is a full contact sport. So it’s possible that Lily and Torrin were interested in the possibilities my hat presented for sustenance. Truly, though, I think they were more interested in playing games than anything else. Yes, for safety, I should have tied them, but I would have missed the laughter and their sheer joy at getting reactions out of me.


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