Apollo’s Moon

Apollo and Shelley at the western fence

When I went out for last feeding a few minutes ago, my Fell Pony stallion Guards Apollo didn’t meet me at the fence like he normally does.  Restar Mountain Shelley III was there, so we took advantage of our solitude to do some at liberty squeeze games along the fence.  When Apollo is with us, he usually gets in the way and makes most games with Shelley impossible.

After I finished with Shelley, I headed towards Apollo.  I could see him at the far end of the paddock standing at the fence.  He often stands at that spot looking west, where our winds come from.  I’ve always assumed he’s smelling things on the wind or listening to the other ponies down the road.  Tonight as I approached him, though, I realized he was standing with his butt to the fence, looking east towards me.  He seemed very still and peaceful, so I walked to his side without touching him in greeting like I normally would.  I then stopped and turned to face the same direction that he was facing.

It was immediately clear what he was doing, or at least it seemed so to me.  A just-past-full-moon was coming up, beautifully filtered by trees on the near horizon.  It was a stunning view.  No wonder Apollo was so peaceful; even his vocal greeting was subdued compared to normal.  I gave him a hug of thanks for sharing his moon with me.  My life is

blessed by these ponies.

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