Wassailing the Ponies 2011

Wassailing Lily

We finally got around to wassailing the ponies today.  This is normally a New Year’s Day tradition.  We feed the ponies apples, thank them for their company during the past year, and wish them good health for the coming year.  We missed New Year’s Day this year, though.  Our temperatures were below zero, and I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate!  Today was a perfect day for the ritual, with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and moods to match.

I always enjoy seeing the reaction of the ponies to their apples.  I correctly predicted that Robin wouldn’t be interested.  Being in a paddock close to the house, I’ve given him the opportunity to eat apple cores from the kitchen several times and he hasn’t wanted them; he’ll take carrot tops any day, though.  Then normally the youngest ponies don’t have a taste for apples, and Libby proved me right again.  The rest of the herd, though, eagerly took their first piece and asked for more, often jostling for position to get any extras that were available.

I am fortunate to have so many great ponies in my life.  And a husband that’s willing to feed them apples on camera, too!


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