Re-electrifying Lily’s Fence

Lily my fence monitor and a snow-covered haystack

Last night after dark when I was feeding my Fell Pony Lily and her friends, I noticed that their electric fence was lying on the ground. Lily is my fence monitor, and she’s been telling me that it has not be electrified, which of course I knew. It hasn’t been powered for several weeks, which is why I Ponyed after Dark last month!

In the last few days, Lily has been demonstrating that the fence really needs attention: by hitting it with her foot or twanging it like a guitar string with her mouth. She’s also been teaching Torrin to play with the fence, so last night when I found it down I knew that the time had come to get some juice back in it. Today I set to the task after I discovered they had also started dismantling the ground connection.

It turned out that the fence was under snow in places. Normally the fence is 32” off the ground, but we have a lot of snow. I wear 32” inseam jeans, and sure enough, I was up to my crotch in snow in places, shoveling a trough in the snow for the fence to be suspended in. I also had to cut a tree off the fence. The ponies usually have well trodden paths around the edge of their acre paddock, but even they had not ventured into the deepest drifts. I decided that I would only shovel what absolutely had to be done; if we get another two inches of snow, I’ll have to shovel more.

While I worked on the fence, I distracted the ponies with hay (an easy thing to do!) The picture shows Lily eating with the haystack behind her. That stack is eight feet high; note the accumulation of snow on top – a lot!  Tomorrow’s chore will be to relieve my horse trailer of its snow accumulation. Then I’ll have to tackle that haystack, which looks like a sure recipe for snow down my neck!


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