Testing Fell Pony Movement

Lily: Knees with some lift; not bad

Lily’s Fell Pony movement got put to the test a few days ago, and I was honored that Lily initiated the test.  My New Year’s Resolution was to advance Lily’s ridden training.  Well, resolutions are great, but when the New Year dawned, temperatures were a few decades below zero, and I lost enthusiasm for spending time outside.  When it warmed up, we did do some ground work and various challenges from the Horseman’s Jingle, but the cold began alternating with snow, a pattern that lasted most of the month.

Our sessions were usually in the round pen, and we packed the snow down with our groundwork so we had a decent surface.  In past years I have taken the fence down and plowed (which is why I have a moveable round pen), but we’ve run out of places to put snow this year, so Lily and I have made due.  When the first of February rolled around, it became clear that waiting for a run of good weather was futile.  Then another eighteen inches of snow fell. 

Lily: Hocks that are used; not bad

Though the round pen gate will barely close now, I decided I had to start ridden work somehow.  At first we tramped the deep new snow down in a small area, and I confined our activities there out of concern about the footing.  Lily, though, apparently felt I was being over-cautious, and she offered to venture out around the ring.  I was so impressed:  up came those knees, up came those hocks, forward went her ears.  She was obviously enjoying it!  Around we went without a stumble.  Okay Lily, you’ve shown I needn’t let snow get in our way!

The pictures show Lily doing a circuit on her own, as I have never figured out how to take a picture of myself riding.  (Besides, it was way too cold for electronics to be outside anyway.)  Hocks that are used:  not bad.  Knees with some lift:  not bad.  Thanks, Lily!


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