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My Week to Learn From

Three Sundays ago ended what I have come to call ‘my week to learn from.’  That week, I had more need for emergency veterinary assistance than in my past twelve years of equine ownership.  My vet told me I was … Continue reading

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Ginny & Sadie

Breeding Fell Ponies these past eleven years has brought me one unexpected benefit:  meeting other working pony enthusiasts.  So many Americans have poor opinions of ponies that I truly value those who love them as much as I do and … Continue reading

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Rare Breeds Connections

One of the cool things about being a rare breeds enthusiast is that it immediately gains me entry into a community of like-minded folks.  Rare breeds are often misunderstood; assumed to be some exotic form of livestock, they are actually … Continue reading

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Fell Pony Inbreeding Coefficients

With breeding season nearly here, I recently got a question about acceptable inbreeding coefficients. My answer was that it depends.  Inbreeding coefficients are a mathematical calculation about the relatedness of a pony’s parents.  They are often used to assess a … Continue reading

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Ponies and Dreams by Mary Lascelles

This delightful book arrived in my life just when I needed to escape for an hour.  The author’s poetry about her ponies is beautifully illustrated by the paintings of Jacquie Jones.  As Lascelles’ verse style is similar to my own, … Continue reading

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Morning Arrivals

This morning as I was doing chores at the top of the farm, three residents of the bottom of the farm came galloping up the road.  Mya, Torrin, and Lily were in high spirits after their run, and they of … Continue reading

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How I Started Skidding

This story will make my draft horse friends laugh, my natural horsemanship friends smile, and my pony friends nod their heads in appreciation of how versatile our four-footed friends are.  I recently found some pictures of ancient history in my … Continue reading

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