Morning Arrivals

Lily awaiting fence repair

This morning as I was doing chores at the top of the farm, three residents of the bottom of the farm came galloping up the road.  Mya, Torrin, and Lily were in high spirits after their run, and they of course energized the upper farm herds with their arrival.  I enjoy seeing my friends in high spirits, and I also really appreciate that they come down fast enough that I can walk up to them and halter them then tie them while I investigate what brought them to the top of the hill.

I’m sure they were pleased that my husband had already plowed the road, as the eighteen inches of snow we’ve had in the past twenty four hours would otherwise have slowed their progress to the top of the farm.  It turns out that that snow was indeed the reason for their arrival, as it had buried the electric fence then snapped it, and my friends walked over the wire.  That was probably the only thing they did slowly, since they knew I was feeding at the top of the farm and were undoubtedly anxious to get a piece of the action.

It was fun to have my three work ponies closer by while I was doing chores.  And it was especially handy when it came time to do fence repair, as I was able to jump on my chore pony Mya and head down the hill.  We picked up a snow shovel on the way, a task quite similar to the ridden skidding we started with so many years ago.  In hind sight I wished I’d also taken snowshoes, as the snow over the fence was up to my waist, so digging out the fence proved more of a chore than I had bargained for.

I ended the fence-repair chore by taking the remaining morning arrivals back to their paddock, ponying Lily from Torrin.  I hadn’t ridden ‘T’ in awhile, and it was a treat to find him as responsive as ever to my guidance, especially bareback with a halter and leadrope.  It’s always nice to get some enjoyment out of an unplanned chore!

(c) Jenifer Morrissey


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