Ponies and Dreams by Mary Lascelles

Sleddale Rose Beauty with friends Robin and Paula

This delightful book arrived in my life just when I needed to escape for an hour.  The author’s poetry about her ponies is beautifully illustrated by the paintings of Jacquie Jones.  As Lascelles’ verse style is similar to my own, I suppose it’s no surprise that I would enjoy this book so much.  It certainly helps that she’s as captivated by the ponies in her life as I am with mine.

The opening poem “No Such Day as Sunday” artfully captures the sacrifices equine owners make and hooked me into the book immediately.    The final words of the poem “Holidays” give the book its name and describe in rhyme how having equines is contagious to other generations of a family.  The verse entitled “Destiny” tells the story of one particularly favorite equine whose memory still brings tears to the eye as much because of the depth of the relationship they shared as the length of time they shared it.  And the final stanza of “The Stud” succinctly captures the enormous gifts of raising ponies, which Lascelles calls ‘perfection on earth.’  I certainly can’t argue with her!

Unlike the author, I don’t have children of my own to infect with the pony bug.  I do, however, have young friends like Robin who have fallen for my hooved friends.  The photo shows her sitting on a very pregnant Sleddale Rose Beauty.

(c) Jenifer Morrissey 2011


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