April in the Mountains

Willowtrail Farm Fell Ponies

April has begun
In its fitful way
With temps in the sixties
And snow pack melting away.

Followed the next day
By snow falling from above
Soaking the ponies
That I dearly love.

And then three degrees low,
Fahrenheit, of course,
Returning winter
With incredible force.

Sunshine then clouds,
Then sunshine again.
Summer will arrive
But who knows when?

Snow turning to water
Then to ice overnight.
Mud is everywhere,
And footing’s a fight.

Hair sheds off ponies
Into air and on clothes.
It catches on branches
And tickles my nose.

April shall pass
As all months do.
The winds bring change
And blow manes askew.

Patience is needed
For weather unsettled.
Thank goodness for ponies
With plenty of mettle.

(c) Jenifer Morrissey 2011


About workponies

Breeder of Fell Ponies, teamster of work ponies, and author of Feather Notes, Fell Pony News, and A Humbling Experience: My First Few Years with Fell Ponies. Distributor of Dynamite Specialty Products for the health of our planet and the beings I share it with.
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