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Get More Determined! Pass It On!

In the Horseman’s Jingle, more than one phone coaching session has touched on the human side of the horse-human relationship.  This winter’s and spring’s challenging weather – no matter whether it’s been drought or flood or snow or tornadoes – … Continue reading

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Never Summer

Our grass is coming in slowly and late this year.  I haven’t been able to take my Fell mare Restar Mountain Shelley III and her daughter Willowtrail Spring Maiden to pasture yet.  Instead I’m walking them twice a day for … Continue reading

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Horses and the Pursuit of Happiness

While I originally got involved with draft ponies to get help with my work, friends have correctly observed that now I couldn’t live without them, even if we never hauled manure or herded cattle or skid logs again.  And I … Continue reading

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Connecting Hoof Trimming and Performance

Lunesdale Silver Belle has the kind of hooves that make her toes look long unless you stay on top of trimming them.  She was bred by a Fell Pony breeder who is very focused on proper movement, and I’m enjoying … Continue reading

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Minding the Leaders

Two mornings ago Lunesdale Silver Belle didn’t come to me to be haltered as she normally does.  I don’t know why; perhaps it was the wind in the air or the fresh dusting of snow or extra hunger from a … Continue reading

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Grandparents, Ponies, and Grandchildren

My husband gave me a bad time last week for looking at pictures and reading articles about the royal wedding.  I told him I have a special interest in the affairs of the British monarchy.  HM Queen Elizabeth II has … Continue reading

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Willowtrail Spring Maiden

Saturday morning at 2am we welcomed Willowtrail Spring Maiden to our world.  Madie’s birth was blessedly uneventful.  I even slept through the foal watch alarm.  Fortunately I’d asked Restar Mountain Shelley III to let me attend her, and she woke … Continue reading

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Breeding Temperament

  I’ve recently interviewed a number of people in the horse industry, and I was surprised by a recurring theme.  Several people volunteered that it’s common practice to make a mare into a broodmare if her temperament isn’t suitable for … Continue reading

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This Weird Spring

We have more snow on May Day Than we did on April Fools. Excuse me for asking But doesn’t that break seasonal rules? Seven above this morning That’s below-zero degrees C. Plenty cold for May first If anyone asks me. … Continue reading

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