This Weird Spring

Icicles in tree

We have more snow on May Day
Than we did on April Fools.
Excuse me for asking
But doesn’t that break seasonal rules?

Seven above this morning
That’s below-zero degrees C.
Plenty cold for May first
If anyone asks me.

Stock tanks are frozen,
Mud is cold hard in clods.
“Spring in the Rockies?”
My husband just nods.

The ponies soak up sunshine
Whenever it briefly appears.
This is tough for them, too,
My poor, shedding dears.

Beef stew for dinner,
Long johns, a heavy coat,
A hot cup of tea,
All have garnered my vote.

My friends have been patient
When I plaintively ask
“Have you flowers in your garden?
‘Send pictures’ is your task!”

Sun is in the forecast
Though I don’t know if I believe
That from this weird spring
We’re due a reprieve.

May is about flowers,
But the eye candy that is here
Is icicles in pine trees,
And from that I’ll draw cheer.

(c) Jenifer Morrissey, 2011


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