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Problem Solving, Pony-Style

When I got to pasture today to pick up Mya, Torrin, and Lily to bring them home, I was presented with two problems.  I solved them with pony assistance and was quite pleased with myself!  First, Mya was in the … Continue reading

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Reaping Rewards

The summer pasture is finally ready for my ponies.   The grass has grown, and the fence is fixed.  Fells Restar Mountain Shelley III and Willowtrail Spring Maiden were the first beneficiaries.    With Shelley and Madie going to summer pasture … Continue reading

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Training Time is All the Time

A few weeks ago I had the great good fortune to interview Doc Hammill, a nationally known horsemanship instructor.  The time flew by because we share so many interests and had so much to talk about.  His specialty is draft … Continue reading

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Khaki Campbells

A few weeks ago I decided to restart my flock of Khaki Campbell ducks.  I had Khakis a number of years ago but got out of them to focus on my Silver Appleyards and Anconas.  Two years ago I tried … Continue reading

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Girls, girls, girls

My young Fell Pony stallion Willowtrail Black Robin lost his virginity a few weeks ago.  I’ve noticed two marked changes in him since then.  First he’s mellower around me.  I can’t help but wonder if he realizes I play a … Continue reading

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A Small World

I was talking to a banker today about an account.  I explained that I was interested in his particular bank because it has a foreign currency desk at the local branch.  I also mentioned that it was British pounds that … Continue reading

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How Convenient!

The stallion pen, where Guards Apollo is housed, is centrally located.  Today I realized how convenient that is.  Now that breeding season is upon me, the logistics of teasing and breeding have come to center stage, and the location of … Continue reading

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