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Socializing Madie

Willowtrail Spring Maiden is my only Fell Pony foal this year.  Until the past week, Madie has been running with her mother and no other ponies.  Now that she’s almost three months old, though, I decided it was time to … Continue reading

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A Facility with Fence

It appears that my dear Fell Pony Jonty has inherited his mother’s facility with fence.  He has definitely inherited her jet-black color and her white markings.  And now I know there is something else his mother has passed on to … Continue reading

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The Hoof Trimmer’s Perspective

Last week I was trimming my Fell Pony mare Lily’s hooves in very difficult circumstances.  It was extremely muddy, and the insects were horrid.  We went through a lot of fly spray, and my brush was constantly in use to … Continue reading

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Pony Moments July 2011

Sometimes it’s the little things in my interactions with my ponies that make my day.  Here are a few moments recently that brought smiles to my face and understanding to my stewardship. I went down to the pony pasture Friday … Continue reading

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‘I Can Always Breed Another’

I have been surprised by how much I’m enjoying my Fell Pony filly Willowtrail Spring Maiden.  Madie (rhymes with shady) has a delightful combination of willing compliance and spunk that makes her fun to watch and a joy to handle.  … Continue reading

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“Nice Leadrope!”

“Nice leadrope,” my visitor shouted as I was bringing one of my Fell Pony mares to her to be introduced.  A few minutes before, I had led another mare across the turnout for introduction by putting my hand under her … Continue reading

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Management Made Easier

Yesterday I got in late from work and wasn’t able to take my Fell Pony mare Restar Mountain Shelley III and her foal Willowtrail Spring Maiden to pasture. Fortunately, our recent rains have caused all the grass around here to … Continue reading

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