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Y Chromosome Research and the Fell Pony

Recent results of a study on horse DNA brought to mind parts of Fell Pony history.  The study suggests that modern horse breeding practices have reduced the genetic diversity in male equines.  When I think back to the premium and … Continue reading

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Claiming Each Other

As a breeder, I know that most of the Fell Ponies I produce are destined to live their lives with other people.  When Willowtrail Wild Rose was born, though, I knew she was mine.  Her mother was my first Fell … Continue reading

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Lily and That Spot

What is it about Lily and that spot?  About a year ago, I had my Fell mare Turkey Trot Sand Lily tied up near the house when something startling happened.  Yesterday was a carbon copy. Last year, a tire exploded … Continue reading

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Gifts from Madie and Rose

In his book, Soul of a Horse, Joe Camp says, “Many people have told me that if they let their horse live with a herd 24/7, they would lose their relationship with the horse.  The horse would forget all about … Continue reading

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What Kind of Salt?

Like many places, we’re having a run of hot sunny weather.  The ponies are hitting the salt really hard.  My ponies have access to three different kinds of salt, and I’m always fascinated by which one they choose.  In this … Continue reading

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Equines, Humans, and Oxymorons

I got an email recently with a definition of the word ‘oxymoron’ that made me laugh.  The standard definition, of course, is “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words.”  The email suggested that ‘being sensible about horses’ was an alternate … Continue reading

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Fell Ponies in Conversation

You just never know when Fell Ponies will come up in conversation.  Today we were waiting for FedEx to deliver a part for one of our pieces of equipment.  While we were working in the woods, we looked up to … Continue reading

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Six Ponies and a River

The highlight of my day yesterday was moving six of my Fell Ponies from one pasture to another across the Michigan River.  Mind you, a river here in the high country of Colorado is what we called a creek where … Continue reading

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