Fell Ponies in Conversation

One of the ponies that caught the cab driver's attention

You just never know when Fell Ponies will come up in conversation.  Today we were waiting for FedEx to deliver a part for one of our pieces of equipment.  While we were working in the woods, we looked up to see a vehicle drive speedily up our logging road.  Other than log trucks, we never see people on our logging road, but we saw that it was a taxi cab.  I kept working while my husband went to collect the part; taxis are often hired for isolated FedEx deliveries like ours. 

The taxi cab came from Steamboat Springs, and because Steamboat is a resort town, young worldly people are drawn to the job market there to enable them to take advantage of the recreational opportunities.  The taxi cab driver surprised us by asking if the ponies she’d seen in our yard were Fell Ponies.  It turns out that she had been to Balmoral Castle in Scotland where HM the Queen keeps many of her Fell Ponies.   She said she had taken a ride there on a Fell, “one that didn’t make the grade for Prince Philip’s carriage.”

On any given day, the only interaction I have with people about Fell Ponies is via email.  The second most likely source of interaction is the phone.  So having a taxi cab driver not only show interest in the ponies but also know their breed made today unusual indeed.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2011

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