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Organizing the Day

Early in my Fell Pony career, a fellow breed enthusiast loaned me a book that she had found while visiting England.  The Last Horsemen was particularly interesting to me because it was about a family that uses draft animal power … Continue reading

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Communication Media

When I go to pasture to give the ponies their vitamin buckets, they are rarely at the gate that is most convenient for me.  If they are in view and see me arrive, then they come to greet me.  If … Continue reading

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Appreciating Elders

I have two ponies in my herd that are over twenty years old.  As they age, I see they aren’t capable of doing what they once did, and especially in winter I watch them carefully to see how they’re handling … Continue reading

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Double-Duty Study

The other day when I was giving my pony Mya a massage, I was working one part of her body and then another, one side of her body then another.  After about twenty minutes I realized that Mya hadn’t given … Continue reading

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Snow in the Forecast

Tuesday Morning There’s snow in the forecast For the first time this fall. Definitely something I’m not ready for at all. The skies are still blue. The air is still warm. Hard to believe We’ll soon see a snowstorm. My … Continue reading

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Adjusting Mya’s Atlas

This afternoon I gave my pony Mya a massage.  She was kicked in the head several months ago, and while she’s much better, it has seemed like she hasn’t been holding her head quite right.  The massage seemed to help, … Continue reading

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An Antidote to Grief

At the moment I am grieving the death of a friend’s pony.  To help me with my sadness, I decided to take a short trail ride on Mya, and it proved to be a good antidote, including several doses of … Continue reading

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Traveling Away

I’m traveling away from home for three days of people-filled events.  It’s going to be a shock to my system since on most days I see more ponies than people.  I’m quite comfortable with this ratio of people to pony … Continue reading

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Back Across the River

Some Fell Ponies are easier keepers than others, and four-year-old Willowtrail Wild Rose ranks up there with the thriftiest that I’ve ever encountered.  Rose came out of our long, tough winter with more flesh than any of the other ponies, … Continue reading

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Lessons from Pony ‘Hugs’

“[A] dog will do virtually anything for a hug.  A horse will do virtually nothing for a hug.”  So says Joe Camp in his book Soul of a Horse.  Generally I agree with Camp.  I have rarely had a pony … Continue reading

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