Snow in the Forecast

Beetle tracks on wet log

Tuesday Morning
There’s snow in the forecast
For the first time this fall.
Definitely something
I’m not ready for at all.

The skies are still blue.
The air is still warm.
Hard to believe
We’ll soon see a snowstorm.

My mind has been racing,
Creating pre-storm to-do’s.
Too many things,
So I’ll have to choose.

Minerals for ponies
To help them with change.
Water in stock tanks
And hay tarps to arrange.

Snow this early
Usually goes right away,
So temporary measures
Are the order today!

One day later
And we haven’t seen snow.
Just rain is falling
From clouds that are low.

I’ve donned my rainsuit.
Ponies are hunkered down.
Some time in the office
Then errands in town.

Two days later
And still there’s no snow.
Thank goodness for that.
Maybe grass will still grow!

While we got none,
The high peaks are white.
I can’t help it:
They’re a glorious sight.

Lots of mud is about
As the sun tries to peak through.
Come on, I say!
Turn this frost to dew!

The ponies are drying,
But spirits are high.
For me, I’ll just pause
And heave a big sigh.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2011


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