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Fall Fell Furnish

When I put Fell Pony weanling Willowtrail Spring Maiden on the truck bound for her new home, I had to fill out a paper assessing her health.  I marked her body condition as average, but I chuckled when I did … Continue reading

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Bon Voyage, Madie

Before the sun was fully up yesterday, we bid adieu to Willowtrail Spring Maiden. Madie (rhymes with shady) left to travel to her new home in Tennessee. I tried to make her last morning here somewhat routine, feeding her as … Continue reading

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A Familial Connection?

When I have visited Cumbria, I have been surprised at how comfortable I have felt despite being thousands of miles from where I live.  Especially when I have walked on the fells, I have felt an unusually peaceful feeling as … Continue reading

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Demanding – I Like That

Mya the Wonder Pony has been demanding treats every time she sees me.  “Demanding” may be too strong a word, since Mya is quite polite about it, standing a few feet back, tossing her head, and nickering.  But for her … Continue reading

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A Shepherd on a Fell

Jock Anderson shepherded on a Fell Pony in the 1970s in the Ettrick Valley of Scotland.  He tells of his experience in The Horseman’s Word:  Blacksmiths and Horsemanship in Twentieth Century Scotland by Timothy Neat. (1)  Anderson watched the ponies … Continue reading

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Fell Ponies United

I know a person who quit the Fell Pony breed because she felt personally attacked by another Fell Pony owner.  I had a similar horrible experience a few years into my Fell Pony career.  I was devastated to be attacked … Continue reading

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Being Followed

For the past several mornings, I’ve been followed. Fortunately these events have brought me joy instead of evoking fear. And the reason, of course, is because it’s my Fell Ponies that are following me. Each day after I check the … Continue reading

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