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Genetic Diversity in Fell Ponies

A poster about recent research on Fell Pony genetic diversity left me with more questions than answers.(1)    It appears that the study was inspired by Clive Richardson’s assertion of a limited gene pool due to population bottlenecks.  The study seems … Continue reading

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City Sensibilities, Farm Realities

Whenever my husband’s grandsons come to visit, I am reminded that my everyday realities on the farm can be a shock to the sensibilities of city dwellers.  Inevitably when I take the boys out to see the ponies, one of … Continue reading

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Thankful for Ponies 2011

I’m thankful for my ponies Who’ve been so patient with me While I have been away from them More than I wanted to be. They’re wanting time and stimulation, And they’re offering ideas of their own. They want opportunities to … Continue reading

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Not Even for the Queen

For many Fell Pony breeders, it is a badge of honor to sell a pony to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral stud. For Joe and June Langcake of the Restar Fell Pony Stud, it’s a badge of honor that they … Continue reading

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Snubbed and Chosen

All I wanted was a short trail ride on my favorite pony as a reward for a hard day.  I had just finished trimming another pony’s hooves, the sun was going down, and I wanted to ride down the driveway … Continue reading

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A Different Take on the Squeeze Game

Fell Pony mares Sleddale Rose Beauty and Willowtrail Wild Rose showed me a different version of the Squeeze Game the other day. The Squeeze Game is one of the seven games of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. It is about confidence in … Continue reading

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Leading from the Off-Side

I recently had occasion to be glad that my ponies are used to being led from the off-side. I’ve learned that equines need to be taught things on both sides of their bodies, and I have found that just because … Continue reading

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Pack Horse Bridges

One historic use of the Fell Pony was as a pack pony before roads improved in the north of England to support the use of wheeled vehicles.  “At one time over 300 Fell ponies left Kendal every working day for … Continue reading

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