Mya’s Antics

Mya in the infirmary between relapses

Mya made me laugh today, which is a vast improvement over the past two weeks.  My beloved twenty-year-old pony relapsed again two weeks ago and then again a week ago, showing some signs of colic but other signs that are more confusing.  We rushed her to the hospital two weeks ago, two hours away, but the vet was only able to treat symptoms.  Ever since, treating her and monitoring her has occupied most of my free time.   There seems to be some correlation with cold and changing weather.  Fortunately it’s been warm the past few days, so perhaps that’s what led to her antics today.

I was in the round pen with Lily, after having put Mya out to graze.  It is truly amazing that we have grass showing this time of year; normally it’s buried by snow.  But we have had enough sun and so little snow that on the south-facing slopes there is dry grass, which Mya seems to especially like.  And since she hasn’t had much of an appetite, I’m happy to be able to offer her something she’s interested in eating.  I’ve let her graze loose, and for the past several days, when I return to get her forty minutes later, she’s within twenty yards of where I left her.  Not today, though!

Lily and I had been in the round pen for about fifteen minutes when we noticed that Mya was about fifty yards to the north of us.  We had left her one hundred yards to the west, so she had definitely moved beyond her normal range.  And she was in an area where there was no grass to eat, so I knew she was up to something.  Lily and I continued working then suddenly Mya came trotting up the hill toward us.  When she reached our level, she broke into a gallop and kicked her heels into the air as she ran past us and down the driveway towards Torrin, who was calling to her.

I was of course thrilled to see her showing such exuberance.  And I was curious where she would be and in what frame of mind she would be in when Lily and I finished and headed in the direction we had last seen her go.  She was fifteen feet from where I originally left her, looking innocent, which also made me laugh.  She came to me to be haltered, and the rest of the outing was uneventful.  But her antics have kept a smile on my face the rest of the day.  Definitely an improvement!  And I’ll keep positive thoughts that Mya will weather the next turn of weather better than she did the last two.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2011


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