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For the Love of Dogs, Worm Your Horse Carefully

When I got my first pony more than a dozen years ago, she came from a place that was far from a model of good horsekeeping.  My friend who found her for me recommended that I immediately worm her with … Continue reading

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Fitness for This Equestrian

I am blessed to be acquainted with a number of equestrians who are in their seventies and beyond.  They are inspirations to me to keep fit so that like Her Majesty the Queen I can still celebrate the start of … Continue reading

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Equines and Increasing Your IQ

In her Newsweek cover story “Buff Your Brain,” Sharon Begley describes 31 ways to increase your IQ.  (1)  Begley writes, “…one discovery from 2011 … stood out above all the others:  that IQ, long thought to be largely unchangeable after … Continue reading

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The phrase ‘running the gauntlet’ has come to mind recently where my ponies are concerned.  It means to pass between two lines of soldiers for punishment or to be attacked on all sides.  Fortunately my experience has been much more … Continue reading

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No Frog, No Horse

My first memory of the phrase “no hoof, no horse” is from reading the book Black Horses for the King about ten years ago.  This young adult novel is set in King Arthur’s time, and being a fan of King … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of the Perfect Partner

Spreading manure with my perfect partner Two horsewomen have recently shared with me a dilemma that I know all too well.  What do we do when our favorite equine partner needs to be retired?  One of the horsewomen, like me, … Continue reading

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Breeding for Trainability

In Lynn Reardon’s book Beyond the Homestretch: What I’ve Learned from Saving Racehorses (1), there is a chapter called “Spider, Part II.”  In it Reardon describes the mental anguish she went through in beginning the under-saddle training of Spider, a … Continue reading

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