“Nobody has it better than we do”

Nobody has it better than equestrians

Any equestrian should be able to say this.  Being able to spend time with horses is definitely better than otherwise.  Yet it was an American football coach who is credited with the statement, “Nobody has it better than we do.”

The Super Bowl of the National Football League is coming up this weekend.  In the run-up to it, I was hoping for a match between the Harbaugh brothers who coach the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Before the last game that the 49ers played, a rookie on the team was asked about his coach.  He said the coach consistently articulated one message all season:  “No one has it better than we do.” Apparently the message made an impact, since the team had a dismal season last year and made it to the playoffs this year.  Since this coach was previously at my college almamater, I’m especially proud to have had that association with him after hearing this message.

  • If we are healthy and physically fit, no one has it better than we do.  There are lots of people who face illness, injury, or disability on a daily basis.
  • If we have daily interactions with loving family and friends, we are more fortunate than those who do not.
  • If we have electricity and hot running water, there are lots of people who don’t.  I once lived for three months without them.  Every night I give special thanks for my hot shower!
  • If we have enough food to eat, there are lots of people, even in this most prosperous of countries, who go to bed hungry.
  • If we live in an incredibly gorgeous place, there are lots of people who don’t like where they live.
  • If we woke up this morning looking forward to our day, we are luckier than many people who face the new day with dread or don’t wake up at all.
  • If we get to share part of each day or each week with horses, there are lots of people who wish they could and aren’t able.
  • If we have loyal canine companions, there are lots of people who can’t have pets and want them.

Definitely, no one has it better than I do, since I have ALL these things!  Sure, I sometimes dwell on the troubles, the negatives, and the issues that I face.  But if I honestly look past them, I can see blessings.  And if I choose to focus on those blessings instead, the other stuff doesn’t seem as daunting, and sometimes solutions even present themselves.  I really have nothing to complain about.  Indeed, no one has it better than I do.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2012

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