My Next Commute Pony

Mya, today’s commute pony

Today I needed to take some pictures of a project we’ve just finished for a client.  It was close enough that I could commute by pony, so I jumped on Mya the Wonder Pony and off we went.  We traveled through the forest to a nearby subdivision, then I tied her to a tree while I went inside to snap the photos.  She was quite content to munch on fresh greens.

In fact Mya was so green-focused as to be annoying.  She has developed a technique of lowering her head to bite off some grass while still keeping her feet moving.  At just 11.2hh she is close enough to the ground and quick enough to be disobedient before I can react.  When she knows I’m getting annoyed in return, she starts trotting.  She broke gait a lot today.

I can’t complain much, though, as she really is a great commute pony.  I show up with the halter and lead rope, and she comes to me.  I don’t even bother to tie the rope into reins; I just neck rein her or use leg aids to tell her which trees to go between or to step over.  And after twelve springs together, I’m aware that she’ll be green crazy, so each time I ride I have to decide whether to just go with the flow or figure out how to keep her from eating while we ride.  Today I just wanted to get the job done.

Fell Pony mare Willowtrail Wild Rose, my next commute pony

When we returned, my next task was to work with Willowtrail Wild Rose.  I’ve been telling Rose for a few years now that she’s my Mya replacement.  Mya is twenty-one this year and does it all – ride, drive, draft, pack – and I expect Rose to be the same.  I’ve been absolutely thrilled with Rose so far in our training sessions.  She accepts each request with equanimity and ends each session with a lick and chew as if she sees her future and her heritage coming together.  At the rate things are going, I’ll have my next commute pony before long.  Very exciting!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2012


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