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A Bag in My Pocket

It’s funny how sometimes the littlest things can make a big difference, like having a plastic bag in my back pocket. Training time is all the time, and in the summer when it’s the busiest season for our business, feeding … Continue reading

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Remembering Names

The other day when he was visiting, my husband’s grandson asked how I remember the names of all my ponies.  I told him it was like his mom remembering his name; they’re like members of my family and are dear … Continue reading

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That “Never Say Never” Thing

I’ve always said I’d never be interested in horse-powered haying because of the heat and sun of ideal mowing weather.  Yesterday changed my mind when I saw it in person for the first time.  Yes, I have a sunburn, but … Continue reading

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Easy Keepers, Feeding Hay, and Fly Protection

My favorite part of Equus magazine is the front section where recent research is reported and practical advice is shared.  Invariably I find something of interest there, and the June issue was especially full.  There were three articles pertinent to … Continue reading

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Collecting Apollo

It occurs to me that there are three possible meanings for ‘collecting Apollo:’  1) fetching him home from somewhere, 2) harvesting his semen for breeding, and 3) asking him to assume a particular bodily frame while moving as in dressage.  … Continue reading

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Prince Goes to Pasture

For many Fell Ponies, the transition from foaling to pasture is immediate since they’re born on the fell or outside somewhere.  For many other foals, the transition from foaling stall to pasture is as easy as navigating a gate or … Continue reading

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The Economic Value of Semi-Feral Fell Ponies

Earlier this year, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy published an article entitled, “How Much is a Banker Horse Worth?”(1)   Banker Horses are a feral breed living on islands off the North Carolina coast.  The article described an analysis that determined … Continue reading

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