Thank You from the Afire State

Orange light starts and ends our days

Thank you to everyone who has called or emailed to express concern about our safety here at Willowtrail Farm in Colorado.  We appreciate the sentiments that have come our way from England as well as from across the United States due to the wildfires burning in our state.  The most touching contact was from another Fell Pony owner offering sanctuary for my ponies despite living several states away.

We are indeed safe at the moment.  The closest of the big fires is fifty miles away.  It has had our highway closed for three weeks, cutting off access to our normal grocery shopping town.  But at this point we don’t want to make that four-hour-round-trip journey because of the extreme fire danger.  I have important documents packed in a box to take with me if we have to evacuate, and the summer pasture is out of the most fire-prone areas, so the ponies and ducks will be moved there if necessary.  Daily I add to my list of things that need to be thrown in the truck if it comes to needing to evacuate.  Round pen panels and portable duck pens top the list to separate stallions from the rest of the herd and to house three flocks of ducks of various ages.

Today is the first day that my husband, a volunteer firefighter, has been called out on a fire in our county.  Spot fires began appearing along one of the highways this morning, and eight this afternoon required the entire department to respond.  The current thinking is that someone hauling a trailer was dragging a chain that sent sparks into dry grass.  We sincerely hope it was something that innocent and not something intentional.

Sunlight has been quite orange at both ends of the day for the past week.  Fortunately, so far, we have been spared smoke-filled air to breath, a problem many citizens of our state have been dealing with.  It is hard to believe it is just the first of July and not later in the summer.  It is so dry and hot and dusty and the rivers are so low that it feels more like the first of August than the first of July.

Thank you again for the many well wishes that have been sent our way.  We are fortunate to have so many people concerned about our welfare.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2012

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