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Fell Ponies and Blennerhasset Manse

Here is another story about a Fell Pony and a racehorse.  It is a reminiscence prompted by the recent article about Fell Ponies in The Whip.  Actually it was a photograph accompanying the article that prompted a response.  “That’s Blennerhasset … Continue reading

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How Prefixes Matter

It was recently suggested to me that prefixes don’t matter when considering a pony’s breeding.  This comment was made when I was inquiring about Fell Ponies carrying a specific prefix.  The commenter suggested that a particular pony was representative of … Continue reading

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No News is Good News 2

After two snow storms and one dramatic drop in temperature, Mya the Wonder Pony remains in good health.  This ‘no news’ is definitely good news and much easier for me to accept than the ‘no news’ scenario we got at … Continue reading

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Feeding by Snowlight

I know there’s no such thing as snowlight, but this time of year, it sure seems like there is.  Before today there hadn’t been snow on the ground after dark, and with the days growing shorter, I’m feeding after dark … Continue reading

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No News is Good News?

After the twelfth episode (I think) of colic in two years, this week we took Mya the Wonder Pony to Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital for evaluation.  I’ve pulled her through all the other episodes without veterinary intervention, and, … Continue reading

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The Role of Contact

I’ve been doing some fall clean-up work around Willowtrail Farm, including skidding with one of my ponies.  An article I’ve just written for Drivers Digest Magazine has been on my mind while I’ve been working. (1)  The article is about … Continue reading

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