No News is Good News 2

Mya the Wonder Pony hauling shavings from the duck house

After two snow storms and one dramatic drop in temperature, Mya the Wonder Pony remains in good health.  This ‘no news’ is definitely good news and much easier for me to accept than the ‘no news’ scenario we got at the vet hospital a few weeks ago that I related in my first post on this topic.  Changes in weather are one of the triggers that has seemed to prompt colic symptoms in Mya these past few years.

Generally Mya has seemed better since her trip to the hospital.  She has gained some weight, and her coat is soft and luxurious.  Her mildly demonstrative nature has been consistent, though I admit to wondering how much that has to do with the molasses content of the senior feed she’s been receiving.  But since not eating has been such a worrisome sign these past two years, her hearty appetite and eager anticipation of her senior feed ration definitely make me smile.

Since she’s feeling better, I’ve put her back to work.  We’re slowly emptying the duck house of the accumulated shavings of the past year, a cart load each day.  Today she dealt with a frozen mud puddle completely covering our trail to the compost pile.  She post-holed her way through the ice without hesitation.  She definitely spoils me by being such a willing worker.

There has been one unexpected consequence of Mya’s prescription for better health.  The senior feed that the vet recommended adding to her diet is quite fragrant, and for the first time in ten years, my feed storage is being regularly raided.  After evidence of the first raid, I saw raccoon tracks in the snow.  The second time a large barrel with 150 pounds of feed was tipped over.  That seemed a bit ambitious for a raccoon, and sure enough this afternoon I discovered bear tracks in the snow.  Then tonight at last feeding, my dog and I surprised the bear in the shop.  I’ve secured all the entrances more tightly than I’ve ever had to before.  I’m not anxious to either have another adrenalin rush like I did tonight nor to create a problem bear.

I got a good chuckle cleaning up the mess just now.  After two prior tastings, the bear chose as its favorite the most expensive feed out there.  I’m hoping in the morning that no news is good news – that I’ve sufficiently secured the shop that there is no raid on my storage.  ‘No news’ from Mya coupled with ‘no news’ from the bear would be good news indeed.

© Jenifer Morrissey 2012

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