Willowtrail Farm Musings 2012

Guards ApolloThirteen years ago this week I first learned about Fell Ponies.  Websites for businesses and organizations were just becoming common, so the first thing I did was search for more information on the internet.  I only remember three websites where I found useful information.  I consumed what was available in a single evening!

What a different place the internet is today for Fell Pony enthusiasts.  Social media, blogs, video sharing sites, and web site building software have enabled more people to share more information about Fell Ponies and their experiences with them.  Now there is more new information available every day than was available when I first searched thirteen years ago.

According to some statistics I recently received, this blog was read by people in 74 countries in 2012.  The majority were in the US, Great Britain, and Germany.  It was read over six thousand times, an increase of 50% over the year before.  I feel fortunate to be able to share with people across the world thanks to this technology.  And thank you to those who get in touch and encourage me to continue writing.  It helps to know that people are interested in the same topics I am!

(c) Jenifer Morrissey, 2013


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Breeder of Fell Ponies, teamster of work ponies, and author of Feather Notes, Fell Pony News, and A Humbling Experience: My First Few Years with Fell Ponies. Distributor of Dynamite Specialty Products for the health of our planet and the beings I share it with.
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