Shelley and William 2

Perhaps the last photo of William getting a ride on Shelley

Perhaps the last photo of William getting a ride on Shelley

Today marked the end of a chapter in Shelley and William’s relationship.  Shelley is my nine-year-old Fell Pony mare, and William is our now-twelve-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy.  You may remember that I’ve been enjoying watching the two of them, including taking rides on Shelley with William in my arms.

Today, though, for the first time, William had the stamina and interest to accompany Shelley and me on our ride via his own four feet, shadowing my faithful long-time canine companion Sadie (also an Australian Shepherd).  I’m sure I’ll miss being mounted double on Shelley with William, but at the moment I’m happy for the transition.  William has grown, as puppies are supposed to do, and he’s getting heavy!  Also, I’m looking forward to getting back to the schooling aspects of our rides, as Shelley is such a willing partner.

At one point during our ride this morning, I caught William glancing up at me.  It seemed to be a quizzical look, along the lines of “what are you doing up there and why am I down here?”  Generally, though, it appeared that William enjoyed his new position.  Sadie and I have logged many miles with various ponies, and I look forward to creating many similar memories with William, but I’ll always remember fondly how he began his pony rides at Willowtrail Farm.

(c) Jenifer Morrissey, 2013

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