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Grand Re-Opening at CSU’s ERL

The Equine Reproduction Lab (ERL) at Colorado State University (CSU) held their Grand Re-opening the other day, and it was quite a celebration. As the president of the university said in his remarks, CSU makes the most of adversity, and … Continue reading

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At Least Two Quick Release Strategies

I had the ponies tied as I usually do prior to feeding vitamin buckets. As I was retrieving the buckets to go back over the fence with them to the ponies, out of the corner of my eye I saw … Continue reading

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A Variation on the Bucket Ritual

I’ve taught my five-year-old Fell Pony stallion Willowtrail Black Robin to pick up his feed bucket and hand it to me after he’s finished eating from it.  This has been a morning ritual for many months.  A few days ago … Continue reading

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Best Dream Ever

I had the best waking dream of my life this morning, and that’s saying something since I’ve passed (by a few years) the half century mark…! The dream was, of course, about ponies, and about one pony in particular. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Resorting to Tier 2 Horsemanship

What is the best way to move two stallions and a pregnant mare around the barnyard? Definitely not the way I did it late yesterday. I had to resort to tier 2 horsemanship skills to get it done. At the … Continue reading

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Mellow but Unconfident

Awhile back, a Fell Pony breeder made what I considered an astute observation about the breed. These ponies, they said, are mellow but unconfident. Of course that is a broad generalization, for there are indeed supremely confident and mellow Fell … Continue reading

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Foal Nutrition

A client asked me when I start my foals on my nutrition program. At conception! Actually, their parents are started three months or more before that. And the two foals I currently have on the ground are second generation on … Continue reading

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The Role of Equines in the 21st Century

During the past month, I’ve been reading lots of material about the roles equines played in past centuries. Pack ponies in pre-nineteenth-century England featured in the most recent issue of The Partnered Pony™ Inquirer. George Washington and his mount Nelson … Continue reading

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