Foal Nutrition

Willowtrail Winter DareA client asked me when I start my foals on my nutrition program. At conception!

Actually, their parents are started three months or more before that. And the two foals I currently have on the ground are second generation on my nutrition program on their sire’s side. The consensus of many breeders is that three generations is when the full benefit of this nutrition program becomes evident. I look forward to the day when I can see three generations, but I’m terribly impressed with two. The foals are more energetic at birth, moving longer and faster sooner than other foals born here. For my first generation foals, the longer their parents have been on my nutrition program, the better the foals get.

More to the point of my client’s question, my foals have access to free choice minerals from the moment they’re born and are usually making use of them within the first month as they begin to eat hay or grass. It’s also not uncommon for them to try to steal from their mother’s vitamin bucket beginning in their first month. I start giving them their own bucket about a week before weaning.

I have had several foals born when the temperatures have been extremely cold outside. None of them have ever had complications. I credit my nutrition program with this success rate. The one downside of my nutrition program is that it works so well that I can’t change to another brand! If you’re interested in reading more about my nutrition program, click here. If you’d like to browse through the products, click here.

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