Best Dream Ever

Bowthorne Matty

Bowthorne Matty

I had the best waking dream of my life this morning, and that’s saying something since I’ve passed (by a few years) the half century mark…! The dream was, of course, about ponies, and about one pony in particular. Perhaps it’s because I had posted a picture of her in my blog and on social media recently. Or perhaps it’s because I just moved her to the foaling shed, but Bowthorne Matty got a special greeting this morning of intense gratitude.

We were at a horsemanship clinic on a sunny day with a very green grassy field (quite a contrast to the 33 inches of snow that we’ve had the past week and that the ponies and I are slogging through this morning.) We were riding about at all gaits very compatibly. This again is a big contrast to my present reality because Matty is the one adult pony in my herd whose back I haven’t been on. I’m sure I could be with just a few minutes of work, and this dream confirms it. It will obviously be a few weeks, until after she foals, before I even try.

At one point in the dream when we’d come to a stop in our ridden work, my bareback pad slipped. It slipped because Matty’s coat was so glossy and smooth with health that the pad just glided over it. Again this is in extreme contrast to current reality since Matty’s coat is shedding out in handfuls and while the coat coming in has a glossy feel to it, there’s nothing in the visible realm that resembles the term ‘glossy’.

All of my pony-related dreams in the past have been anxious ones: ponies out of their pens, stallions on the loose, youngsters running about where they aren’t supposed to be. In hindsight I realize I needn’t have been anxious about these sorts of dreams since all of them have happened, and I’ve dealt with them successfully. Based on that analysis, I look forward to making this ‘best dream ever’ into a dream come true, too!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2013

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