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Positive Reinforcement, Negative Reinforcement and Otherwise

An email headline reading “No Difference Between Positive and Negative Reinforcement in Horse Training” immediately caught my attention when I saw it.  Really?, I thought.  I know a lot of people that have moved to so-called natural horsemanship from more … Continue reading

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Time to Stability

I’m always watchful when I put a new combination of ponies together, whether on dry lot or pasture.  Normally things go fine, but occasionally I’ve ended up with injuries to treat, which of course makes me ever more watchful.  One … Continue reading

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“Do You Need to Breed?”

Statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) indicate that there are 300,000 fewer households in America that own horses now than five years ago.  (1)  For breeders, this should be alarming news.  That means fewer people are interested in … Continue reading

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A Way to Assess Lameness

A client contacted me a few days back wanting information about the Fell Pony breed.  They had their eye on a five-year-old and had some concerns after reading my articles about maturation rate (click here and here and here if … Continue reading

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Brown with Black Points

Any perusal of the Fell Pony Society stud books is likely to turn up a coat color ‘brown with black points.’  For many years I assumed this meant bay, but now I recognize it as an unofficial fifth color in … Continue reading

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A Troublesome Awakening

It may come as a surprise to know that, for me, as a pony lover, waking up to the sound of a pony’s neigh is a troublesome thing.  My ponies don’t make noise when all is well, so this morning … Continue reading

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Nutritional Advice for Every Body

Reactions to my recent Feeding Calculus blog post were uniformly sympathetic.  Everyone said they, too, customize their feeding program for each individual pony.  I was surprised but pleased; ponies in their care are very fortunate indeed. I was surprised because … Continue reading

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