Brown with Black Points

Any perusal of the Fell Pony Society stud books is likely to turn up a coat color ‘brown with black points.’  For many years I assumed this meant bay, but now I recognize it as an unofficial fifth color in the breed.

A Fell Pony mare showing the mealy effect of the brown color.

A Fell Pony mare showing the mealy effect of the brown color.

The allowed colors in the breed are of course black, brown, bay, and gray.  I understand the color brown in the Fell Pony breed to be a pony with the mealy effect on a dark coat.  Mealy is defined as “pale red or yellowish areas on the lower belly, flanks, behind the elbows, inside the legs, on the muzzle, and over the eyes.” (1)  According to Sponenberg in Equine Color Genetics, mealy on a black coat creates seal brown, and mealy on a brown coat creates mealy brown. 




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  1. Sponenberg, D. Phillip.  Equine Color Genetics , Second Edition. Ames, Iowa:  Blackwell Publishing, 2003, p. 29.

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