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There is a lovely new documentary out from Dreamtime Films called “Hefted.”  If you haven’t watched it and you enjoying learning about fell life, it is definitely worth your time (click here).  The film is about the connection that fell … Continue reading

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“Mama, I Don’t Feel Good”

The other day when I returned home from being gone for several hours, the first thing I did as I always do was feed the ponies. My yearling Willowtrail Mountain Prince came to say hello as usual, but he had … Continue reading

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Why Not to Buy a Pony

The most recent issue of Equus magazine is a special edition about the race horse Secretariat.  I’ve been slow to open it, which is nothing against Secretariat.  I followed his accomplishments during the horse-crazy years of my youth.  It’s just … Continue reading

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“It’s Marvelous, Really”

A snow storm rolled in quickly late in the afternoon and dropped two inches in a less than an hour.  I was decidedly uninspired to go out and start chores in it, but then I remembered I’d put three ponies … Continue reading

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Emotional Barometers

One of the stories I tell in my new book My Name is Madie is about Madie’s owner Frank dealing with coyotes threatening his livestock.  I won’t spoil the whole story, but I will say that Madie picked up on … Continue reading

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My Name is Madie 2

It’s been almost a year since the last time I saw a photograph of Willowtrail Spring Maiden.  So when notice of a photo posted on Facebook arrived, I couldn’t wait to go see it.  Then there were eight photos instead … Continue reading

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