My Name is Madie 2

My Name is MadieIt’s been almost a year since the last time I saw a photograph of Willowtrail Spring Maiden.  So when notice of a photo posted on Facebook arrived, I couldn’t wait to go see it.  Then there were eight photos instead of just one.  Every pony that I breed takes a little bit of my heart with it when it goes to its new home, and Madie took more than her fair share.  Fortunately her owner thinks the world of her, and he knows that I almost didn’t sell her because I’d grown so attached to her!

It’s been a pleasure the past month reliving memories of Madie by preparing a book about her for publication.  I’d forgotten a few of the stories in the book since I wrote it last December (you may remember me writing about the book at that time; click here to see that blog post).  I admit to shedding a tear or two as I read through the proof prior to sending it to the printer.  I dedicated the book to June Langcake and added a few things that tied the book to June more closely.  Madie’s granddam was June’s favorite Fell Pony: Townend Mountain Gypsy IV.  June took a liking to Gypsy as a weanling much as I bonded to Madie.  My only regret is that I didn’t get the book finished before June passed away.

I wrote this book for a pre-teen reader, but I’ve been told by adults that it captivates them as well.  Perhaps the biggest compliment came when a friend couldn’t get the attention of someone who was reading it.  “It’s written for a young person but holds the attention of an adult, too.  I couldn’t quit reading until the end!”

The book is titled My Name is Madie and is available from the publisher by clicking here.  You can also purchase a signed copy by clicking here.  The publisher does ship to Europe and other places in case you’re outside the US.

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