“Mama, I Don’t Feel Good”

Willowtrail Mountain PrinceThe other day when I returned home from being gone for several hours, the first thing I did as I always do was feed the ponies. My yearling Willowtrail Mountain Prince came to say hello as usual, but he had a strange look in his eye. I threw out hay, but when I started to walk out of the paddock, Prince followed me. This was definitely unusual behavior. He seemed to be saying, “Mama, I don’t feel good.”

I headed to the house and returned with a bucket containing a handful of low NSC feed with a good dose of my trusty probiotic DynaPro™. I also had in my hand a 12cc syringe filled with DynaPro™, and it was good I did because Prince showed no interest in the feed, again very unusual. I shot the liquid into his mouth then headed up to prepare an infirmary stall for him, all the while watching to see what he was doing. He walked from pile to pile of hay sniffing but not eating. Not good. Normally he tears into freshly thrown hay like a pony should.

I brought him up to the infirmary and offered him the bucket of probiotic-laced feed again, and this time he showed a little interest, but didn’t finish the bucket, again very unusual. He continued to only sniff at hay, too. I spent some time tidying the stall so that I could watch him, and he came to see what I was doing, which was good of course. The probiotic seemed to help a little because he picked at hay, but it still wasn’t the normal eating-with-gusto that it should have been.

It was then that I decided to run energy on him. Several years ago we took a clinic on equine massage therapy. While massage has come in handy at times in stewarding my pony herd, it was actually the energy work that we learned that has been the most helpful. Our instructors from Sporthorse Massage Therapy had a unique take on energy work. Rather than label it with a name like Reiki or accupressure, they gave us foundational information, showing the common ground between all the different energy healing modalities. They then instructed us on how to run energy for healing.

It was amazing to watch Prince’s reaction. Within sixty seconds of starting to run energy, he began to eat hay normally. I continued to run energy on him until he didn’t want it any more. Things returned to normal rapidly. He passed some gas, he consumed the bucket of feed, drank some water, and went to work on his hay. He had cleaned it up within an hour and passed manure within two hours.

It was likely the change in weather that knocked Prince off normal. A snowstorm had rolled in first thing that morning then rolled out late in the afternoon, with bursts of more and less intense showers in between. I always consider my probiotic therapy to be the first line of defense when ponies go off their feed. I sure am glad, though, to have the energy work, too. Prince’s response to it was pretty profound feedback.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2013

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