Thankful 2013

Part 1:  Thankful for My Old Best Friend
Mya the Wonder PonyThis year I’m especially thankful
For one particular pony in my yard.
There are so many things over the years
In which she’s single-handedly starred.

For instance, she’s the one responsible
For getting my pony passion spurred.
She’s the one, if blame is to be placed,
For the current size of my herd!

She’s the one who defined versatility,
Showing that one pony really can do it all.
And that every season there’s opportunity:
Working spring, summer, winter, and fall.

After fifteen years at twenty two
She still meets me at the gate.
I stand with a halter and a grin and call,
And she comes to see what we’re to do on this date!

She lets me get away with things
I know I’m not supposed to do,
Like dropping the lines to dump water buckets
Or snap a photo or two!

When a puppy jumps and nips at her nose
As we’re driving down the road,
She calmly shakes her head and sighs
And continues pushing into whatever the load.

She’s nearly always ready and willing
Even if we haven’t worked for awhile.
When she reaches for the bit during harnessing
She easily makes me smile.

There’s no better way to improve a job
Than to involve my old best friend.
Time with her is sure to result
In happy reflection at a long day’s end.

Will I ever have another like her?
It’s hard to imagine how that could be.
So I try to appreciate the time that we have
And every gift she gives to me.

Part 2:  Thankful for the Power of Ten
Willowtrail Farm ponies“How many ponies do you have?”
Ten at the moment I say.
And each and every one of them
Adds richness to every day

There’s the youngest who is eye candy
With color in contrast to most of the herd.
And then there is the oldest
Who imparts wisdom without saying a word.

Every pony in between
Has gifts that they bestow.
I am fortunate that their generosity
Is indeed the status quo.

These ten wonderful ponies
Are powerful in so many ways:
Their grace, their calm, their intelligence,
And of course their insistent neighs!

My life is blessed by the power of ten
And all that my magnificent ponies share.
No one could be luckier;
They’re treasures beyond compare!

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2013


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