Zero Degrees and A Foot of Snow

Willowtrail Farm Fell PoniesThe photograph here was taken yesterday afternoon after we’d received a foot of new snow.  While the sun had come out, it lacked much warmth, as the clear skies brought extremely cold air:  it was zero degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s the first hard blast of Rocky Mountain winter this year, and my youngest, Willowtrail Mountain Honey, voiced her opinion as soon as she saw me!

When I took this photograph, I heard honking overhead, and sure enough there was a flock of geese flying southeast.  I was struck that they were aflight in such extreme weather, but then it occurred to me that that’s usually when I see geese flying over.  My husband’s theory is that they’re trying to get away from the extreme weather.  Maybe it’s the engineering training in me, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s some aerodynamic advantage for them flying in frigid air.

Bless my tough ponies.  It was eighteen below when I went out to feed this morning at 6am.  No one complained about the temperature, but they were all happy to see me with an armload of hay.  Based on the satellite picture and the weather forecast, I’d say they’re likely to see me at that time of morning regularly for several days because it’s not supposed to get much warmer.  I’m so lucky to spend my life with these ponies; I look forward to seeing them again just as the eastern sky is starting to lighten.

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2013



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