“Slow Down Your Molecules”

Guards Apollo and Restar Mountain Shelley IIII pushed all morning to get the last of the holiday gifts ready for shipping then rushed to the mailbox just before the carrier was due to arrive and deposited them so they could begin their journey.  My adrenaline was high on the way home from my concentrated efforts, and I contemplated how to transition to working ponies.  They have been known to walk away when I appear with the wrong energy.

At other times I have puttered around the house to bring myself back to a more normal state.  Sometimes I read or do a little writing.  On this day, though, I didn’t have time to spend on the transition.  As soon as I returned home, I needed to don my helmet and warm clothes and head out to the paddocks.

As if in answer to a prayer, I remembered a sticky note I’ve had on my computer screen for more than a year.  “Slow down your molecules,” it admonished. The sticky note included a link to a blog post for equestrians about settling mind and body.  “I see my tension as molecules whirring about in my body, bumping into one another, “ wrote the blog’s author, “and I can visualize slowing those molecules down and creating order among them…. Horses mirror us in many ways. When we are tense or anxious, our horses often pick that up and reflect it right back at us, which can set in motion a vicious cycle of escalating tension. We can break the cycle by deliberately calming ourselves.” (1)

I’ve used a similar technique often to transition from tense business discussions to interacting with my ponies, when I need to release tension quickly in order not to transmit it to my friends.  In those cases, I visualize sending the tension out and away.

On this day, though, it wasn’t tension so much as body chemistry that needed modification, and slowing down my molecules seemed the perfect mantra.  So as I parked the truck and headed inside to change clothes, I took a few deep breaths and thought about slowing down my molecules.  When I headed back outside again, I was definitely in a more appropriate state, and shortly thereafter I was smiling about four successful pony sessions.

1)      http://thehorseshowblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/slow-down-your-molecules.html

© Jenifer Morrissey, 2013

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